International Jihadism spreads in the Sahel.

Links between Nigerian Boko Haram and jihadist of AQIM (Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb) seem to be confirmed by the day. Late May, after a raid against a jihadist cell in Kano, Nigeria, Edgar Raupach was found killed. His abduction on January 26 was previously claimed by AQIM. “During a further search of the terrorists hideout, the security forces recovered 2 AK 47 rifles, huge quantity of ammunition, 36 hand grenade and Improvised Explosive Devices stored ». While suspicion is strong on the implication of Boko Haram, the Nigerian authorities just mentioned « terrorists » without giving further details.

Still in Nigeria and according to El Khabar (Article in Arabic), in Katsina State, neighbor to Kano State, the authorities arrested several suspected AQIM fighters after a clash that resulted in the deaths of five Boko Haram’s jihadists. Six people were arrested in a car and a truck road convoy, among them there were two Mauritanians, a Moroccan, two presumed Malians and the Algerian Salah Bengherdi, aka Abu Hafs El Kunti. The Algerian is presented as a senior member of the Katiba Tarek Ibn Ziad. According to the same source, the mission of this group was to train fighters of Boko Haram, and to export international Jihad to the most populous country in Africa.

Other arrests took place in Mauritania and Niger. Another article (in Arabic) mentions that Mauritanian forces stopped a vehicle with four Algerian at the border with Algeria. They were arrested in possession of explosives and a large sum of money. At the same time in Niger, two other Algerians suspected of supporting terrorism and smuggling were put under arrest.

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